General FAQ

Can we visit to North and East parts of Sri Lanka?

Yes, you can visit. If you are looking to get a cultural experience both area are fine. The cultural experience in these parts are different from the South of Sri Lanka.
But if you are thinking of bird and wildlife watching, the only place I recommend is Mannar. 
This area is a paradise for birders, and I recommend to visit between November to end of March. Thousands of various species of migrant birds can be seen during this period. This area was highly affected by a three decade long civil war and birding was not done during that long period.  

I am a birder and coming with my companion who is a non-birder. We would like to visit to some cultural sites in Sri Lanka too. Can you combine cultural site visits with birding tour?

Yes, it is possible and Walk With Jith and some other companies do so. This is the most popular tour type and more visitors ask to add some cultural site visits to their birding and wildlife tours. 
In Sri Lanka there are 6 World Heritage Cultural sites declared by UNESCO. 

What Wi-Fi facilities can I expect in hotels in different locations?

Most of the hotels have free Wi-Fi facility either in room or in specific public area. Some few hotels would charge you for Wi-Fi facility in rooms. But in some isolated areas such as Sinharaja rain forests, there is no internet signals and Wi-Fi facility.

Can I combine whale watching excursion to birding, wildlife, photography, cultural or any other tour in Sri Lanka?

Yes, you can add extra days for whale watching excursion to any type of tour. This is only if you travel between November to March since it is the best time for whale watching in South coast.  

How about food in Sri Lanka?

The traditional Sri Lanka main meal is rice and curry. You can get it anywhere for your lunch and dinner. For breakfast most Sri Lankan hotels serve bread and curries. Sometimes you can get milk rise, string hoppers, rotti or hoppers and egg-hoppers with curry. Local herbal porridge is also available. But most of western birders doesn't prefer to have breakfast with spicy curry. They can order bread, butter, jam, marmalade, some fruits and a choice of egg preparation. Always serves Tea and coffee for breakfast table.

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