Photography FAQ

What Wi-Fi facilities can I expect in hotels in different locations?

Most of the hotels have free Wi-Fi facility either in room or in specific public area. Some few hotels would charge you for Wi-Fi facility in rooms. But in some isolated areas such as Sinharaja rain forests, there is no internet signals and Wi-Fi facility.

How can I get a good guide for a photography tour in Sri Lanka?

When you book a tour ask about the guides experience specifically in photography tour. If the guide is also a photographer that is a great qualification. Most guides do photograph.

Walk With Jith team has veteran guides with ample knowledge and years of experience in photography tours. They will make sure that you will get optimal time for photography at the main attractions of sites and will take you to non-touristic wild locations, off the beaten tracks, for a really local perspective.

Can we photograph wildlife such as leopards, elephants, sloth bears, and small mammals or butterflies and dragonflies during a photography trip?

Yes, you have a great chance to see and photograph different combination of wildlife in these tours. This mainly depend on the sites you visit and your expert tour guide. You have to have an expert naturalist guide with an overall knowledge of wildlife photographing. Then you can easily achieve your targets.

What is the main difference between your bird/wildlife watching tour and bird/wildlife photographing tour?

This photographic tour is focused on the photographer whose primary interest is to take top bird, wildlife and nature photos and locations in Sri Lanka. Usually, photographers have to go out on their own or join a birding or wildlife safari tour where their photography needs often conflicts with the goals of serious birders and nature lovers.

What is the best time to do a wildlife photographing tour in Sri Lanka?

As a tropical country, it is very fair to say that Sri Lanka does not have any seasonal changes like in Europe. But Sri Lanka has two monsoon rains, Southwest monsoon (May to September) and Northeast monsoon (November to March). Most of national parks such as Yala, Bundala, Lunugamvehera, Minneriya Wilpattu are located in affected areas of Southeast monsoon.

Can I combine whale watching excursion to birding, wildlife, photography, cultural or any other tour in Sri Lanka?

Yes, you can add extra days for whale watching excursion to any type of tour. This is only if you travel between November to March since it is the best time for whale watching in South coast.  

Is malaria a problem for travelling in Sri Lanka?

Since November 2012 Sri Lanka has be free of locally acquired malaria until now ( reports onApril 2015).

However, please consult your family doctor or a specialist and get advice.

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