Wildlife Safari FAQ

What Wi-Fi facilities can I expect in hotels in different locations?

Most of the hotels have free Wi-Fi facility either in room or in specific public area. Some few hotels would charge you for Wi-Fi facility in rooms. But in some isolated areas such as Sinharaja rain forests, there is no internet signals and Wi-Fi facility.

Can I combine whale watching excursion to birding, wildlife, photography, cultural or any other tour in Sri Lanka?

Yes, you can add extra days for whale watching excursion to any type of tour. This is only if you travel between November to March since it is the best time for whale watching in South coast.  

Can we do camping inside national parks?

No, camping inside national parks are not allowed. So there are no camping sites inside national parks.

But there are camping sites outside and close to national parks and they are run by the private sector. 

Except Udawalawe, Yala, Bundala and Lunugamvehera, what are other national parks you are recommending for wildlife safaris?

Wilpattu national park and Minneriya national parks are in the top of the list. Minneriya national park is famous for Elephant Gathering. 
Wilpattu national park is the oldest and largest national park in Sri Lanka. It is widely regarded as the place to spot leopards in its natural habitat. It is also the best possible park to watch the Sloth Bear which is a highly endangered animal in Sri Lanka.   


What is "Elephant Gathering" in Sri Lanka?

During the dry season from May to October several hundreds of elephants gather in a one area in Minneriya or Kaudull national parks. This spectacular phenomenon known as “The Gathering” and you get the chance to watch the highest concentration of Asian elephants in a single location.
Minneriya park is the most popular national park to watch elephant gathering and the receding bank of the Minneriya Lake are covered with hundreds of elephants in search of food and water. In 2012 Lonely Planet ranked, The Gathering, as the 06th on their list of the world’s best wildlife spectacles.  

What is the best time to do a wildlife safari tour in Sri Lanka?

As a tropical country, it is very fair to say that Sri Lanka does not have any seasonal changes like in Europe. But we have two monsoon rains, southwest monsoon (May to September) and northeast monsoon (November to March). Most of national parks such as Yala, Bundala, Lunugamvehera, Minneriya Wilpattu are located in affected areas of southeast monsoon.

Are leeches a big problem in rainforests and birding sites?

No, leeches are not a big problem. Most of birders wear leech socks to prevent their legs from leeches. Applying some insect repellent is also useful. When the ground is wet leeches are more active. Leeches are not found in all birding sites.

But there are leeches in birding sites located in the wet zone and some highland areas of Sri Lanka. Specially Sinharaja rain forest, Kitulgala rain forest, Surrey bird sanctuary, and some areas of highlands such as certain places in Horton plains and Nuwara Eliya.

Is malaria a problem for travelling in Sri Lanka?

Since November 2012 Sri Lanka has be free of locally acquired malaria until now (http://www.news.lk/fetures/item/7270-let-s-together-keep-sri-lanka-malaria-free reports onApril 2015).

However, please consult your family doctor or a specialist and get advice.

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