How about food in Sri Lanka?

The traditional Sri Lanka main meal is rice and curry. You can get it anywhere for your lunch and dinner. For breakfast most Sri Lankan hotels serve bread and curries. Sometimes you can get milk rise, string hoppers, rotti or hoppers and egg-hoppers with curry. Local herbal porridge is also available. But most of western birders doesn't prefer to have breakfast with spicy curry. They can order bread, butter, jam, marmalade, some fruits and a choice of egg preparation. Always serves Tea and coffee for breakfast table.

Sri Lankan main meal is lunch. Traditionally most of Sri Lankans eats rice and curry (spicy) for mid-day meal. For western birders have a chance to orders sandwiches as they like.

In all hotels dinner is the best meal of the day. There are many choices for your dinner. In small hotels or lodges you have a chance to talk with the staff and order meals as you like. Most of big hotels have buffet dinner. It’s a mixture of Sri Lanka and western cuisines.