About birding, wildlife, and nature photography tours in Sri Lanka - FAQ, tips and advice

This site is about Birding in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is one of best all round wildlife destinations in the world with a very rich birdlife. Bird watching tours in Sri Lanka is a highlighted theme in Sri Lanka’s tourism industry.   

This site has questions and answers for birders, interested or planning bird watching in Sri Lanka. The questions are answered by Prasanjith Caldera; Jith of Walk With Jith. It is an inbound tour operating company in Sri Lanka specialized in bird watching. In his 15-year long tour guiding and tour-operating career, these are common questions Jith has answered repeatedly.

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Prasanjith (Jith) Caldera

The answers are his personal answers based on his knowledge and personal experience organizing birding tours through his company, Walk With Jith. Though the answers are personal, the most important fact is that his team of expert birding guides has been an essential part in gaining this knowledge. The other contributors are the previous visitors. Their feedback and comments have decided the questions and answers, as well as tips and advice. A big thank goes to the Walk With Jith team and previous birders!


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